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What is a Sheltie?

Shetland Sheepdogs, or Shelties (as they are commonly known),  look quite a bit like small Collies. Many people call them "miniature Collies", but they are actually a separate and distinct breed that originated on the Shetland Islands. Intelligent and loving dogs, they are very much "people dogs" who want to be with their family, whether it is lounging on the couch watching TV or hiking up a mountain. They do not do well being thrown out in the backyard and ignored.. Shelties are a long haired breed with coat colors of sable, black, and blue merle with tan and/or white markings to various degrees. Although they were originally bred for herding sheep and guarding the flock, Shelties also sparkle in agility, obedience and fly ball.

Why is Sheltie rescue needed?

Animal shelters today are overcrowded with unwanted, neglected or abused animals of all types. Without enough homes for all of these animals, many millions of animals are euthanized each year in the United States. It is tragic for any loving, healthy animal to be put to death, and many people have banded together to try to keep this horrible fate from befalling any of our beloved Shelties.

Who is Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue?

Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue was begun by Karen Evans and Brenda Evans, two friends who were brought together through their shared love of Shelties and their perceived need for someone to get involved in Sheltie rescue here in Kentucky.  The two of us  hope to help other people discover the joys of being owned by a Sheltie.

What does Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue do?

At Heart of Kentucky, we are always on the lookout for the Sheltie in need. We take animals who can no longer be kept by their owners for any reason, animals that shelters feel would not be adoptable due to age or minor (or major)  medical problems, and animals that have been neglected or abused. The Shelties are fostered in either Brenda's or Karen's home at our own expense until a suitable permanent adoptive home can be found. All animals receive excellent veterinary care while with Heart of Kentucky and are given lots of love and attention. Any behavior problems are modified and any necessary socialization skills are taught or improved. Obedience is also emphasized as a well trained dog will have the best chance of being happily placed.

How do I adopt a Sheltie?

To adopt a Sheltie or other dog from Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue, you must first complete an application for adoption. One of us will contact you to talk with you about your expectations as an adoptive "parent", your living situation (home or apartment, etc.), and how one of our dogs may fit your needs. This is also an opportunity for you to ask about an individual dog or to ask general questions. Once a match has been made, an adoption contract is signed and the dog can be surrendered to you. There is an adoption fee, and no dog will be released without being spayed or neutered.

How do I surrender a Sheltie that I can no longer keep?

Please contact either of us for assistance. If the Sheltie is in Kentucky, we will work with you on transportation arrangements. We have a surrender release which must be completed. Please include the dog's veterinary care information as well, as the more information we have about the dog the easier it will be to assess its potential to be adopted. If you are outside of Kentucky but do not know where to take your dog, we will be glad to provide referrals to rescue groups located near you. In special circumstances, we will be glad to work with those who live out of state to assist in the rescue and placement of your dog.

How do I contact Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue?

Karen Evans

 859-744-5934 or heartofky@hotmail.com  or

Brenda Evans



heart.gif (997 bytes)Dogs available for adoption
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