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My Girl Friday

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U-CDX Karen’s Solemn Cisco, CDX
February 16, 1974 -
February 23, 1988

AKC/BIS INTCH/UKC GRCH Karashome Enchanted Evening

“The Princess Eve”
March 14, 1989 -
February 5, 2004

A good dog never  dies. He always stays.
He walks beside you on crisp autumn days
When frost is on the fields and when the year
Is ending and the winter's drawing near.
And when it's summer and the bees are humming,
He leaps ahead of you and waits your coming.
And any time you're lonely--look, you'll see
His great eyes watching you still solemnly.
Just call him in your heart, he'll cease his play,
His head within your hand, in his old way